If you live in the Seattle area and are planning a wedding, one thing you’ll probably hear a lot is that rain on your wedding day is good luck.  I’m pretty sure this is just something we tell ourselves to make the reality a little less dreary.  Even in August, the rains can…and will…come.  Lindsey and Bryan’s wedding fell on just such a day.

Knowing ahead of time that there was a good chance of rain, they asked their guests to plan accordingly and also had the marvelous idea of buying several umbrellas at a Dollar Store. Now, usually when you take the time and effort to plan for the rain, it miraculously decides not to come.  This was not one of those days.

I really have to say that even with the wet grass, puddles, rain drop laden cupcakes, and beautiful guests dressed in rain slickers, this was seriously one of the most super-fun-awesome weddings I have ever been a part of.  I could not have asked for a better couple on this most icky of weather days.  Lots of couples would be upset and completely stressed out to find grey clouds and rain on their wedding day.  Not these two. They knew that the only thing that really mattered was being able to share their love with each other, their friends, and their families.  Crappy weather be damned, they were going to have a fabulous time!

So as the ceremony started and guests wiped down chairs and huddled under their colorful bumbershoots, the entire wedding party stood in the rain as Lindsey walked down the aisle, the only one with an umbrella.  Her brother Bradley read into a microphone covered in plastic, rain drops beading up on his glasses, as the Bestman and Maid of Honor held umbrellas for the couple.  Not a single person complained about standing uncovered, soaked in the rain.  All they cared about was that these two wonderful people were getting married and would share their lives forever.  I was touched by their selflessness and complete disregard for their own comfort and appearance. Every bridesmaid and every groomsman was sopping wet yet had a genuine smile plastered across their face.  That is love.

We moved on to dinner, toasting, cake cutting, and their first dance.  You can see right away how much love these two share.  I just loved going through all of their first dance photos because they just made me feel so incredibly happy to be a part of this magical day. 

Once the formalities were taken care of, the real party started.  Everyone continued deep in to the night dancing, singing, drinking, and goofing around with all the props from the photo booth.  What I forgot to mention earlier was that while Lindsey was getting ready, I made the mistake of mentioning that if they played Journey at the reception I might just be compelled to belt out in song on the dance floor.  Well, her mom heard me.  And so it was for this reason that I found myself at the end of the night being called out on the dance floor by the mother of the bride, handing my camera over to a bridesmaid, and singing at the top of my lungs with the bridal party to Don’t Stop Believin’.

Lindsey, Bryan, Tondi, Jen, Alison, Bradley, Morgan, Andrea, and all the rest of you amazingly wonderful people- Thank you.  Thank you so very much for allowing me to share in your day and enabling me to capture in photographs what true love and friendship really looks like. 

Sorry for the EMENSE delay in this post, please enjoy.  🙂

big hugs,