LGBT woodinville elopement

There is little better in life than the subtle look between two people completely in love.  You just can’t help but smile.

Just after Christmas I received an email from Maria.  She and Robin had decided that with their family and business growing, as well as planning and building a new house, there was no time like the present to finally get married.  Not wanting a big to-do, they opted for a small elopement ceremony at Willows Lodge in Woodinville.  So two weeks later, I met up with these two for a glass of wine and some pizza to say hello before the “I dos”.  After a lovely chat, they went to write their vows and we met back up at the Lodge for a few photos before ceremony time.  Their officiant was the very talented and incomparable, Annemarie Juhlian.  I always know the ceremony is going to be extra special when Annemarie is there.

The nuptials were held in the Lodge’s cozy library, away from the hustle and bustle of the lobby.  Robin surprised Maria with a beautiful wedding day necklace earlier that day, but once it was time to exchange rings, Robin was in for her own surprise.  Maria had switched rings and slipped a gorgeous new diamond on her finger.  It was so fun to watch Robin’s reaction to the switch!  After their sweet, intimate ceremony we all retired down to the bar for a glass of bubbly and lots of cheers and laughter.

Much love to these two and their sweet daughter as they continue on their crazy life adventure! Good luck with the house plans and big congrats on your ever-growing family business!!

xoxo, AmyLGBT Woodinville elopementLGBT woodinville elopement

Maria + Robin | Same Sex Woodinville Wedding Elopement