As many of you know, Nichole and I spent the last two weeks of January in Europe.  While it probably goes without saying, we had a SMASHING time!  We started off in England, took little jaunts to France and Wales, and ended our journey in Iceland. Today we start with the first leg of our journey: London.  There are far too many stories to tell from this trip so I’m not even going to try.  When you have 6 hours free for drinks, let me know. For now you get my rambling, random, sporadic memories…  enjoy.

1.    All of the sparkling lingo: Smashing! Brilliant! Spiffing!
2.    Kitchen Roll = Paper Towels, Girl Guides = Girl Scouts, Jacket = Baked Potato
3.    Listening to English announcers call the Seahawks vs. Bears game at The Sports Cafe… weird.
4.    Eggs Benedict at BAFTA
5.    How the entire city of London is basically grey with splashes of red.
6.    A beautifully chilly sunset at Brighton Pier
7.    The fact that they don’t have graham crackers, and therefore have never heard of s’mores…so so sad.
8.    The Tower Bridge and South bank at night
9.    Banofee Pie
10.  Windsor Castle and proper pub food with Jen and Mike
11.  Our wonderful flat in Whitechurch that smelled of fabric softener every day.
12.  Puddle jumping after drinks and a comedy show
13.  Silly photos with Nic in the tube/phone booth/bus/train….
14.  The Tower of London beefeater tour
15.  Chianti and great conversation at Strada with Nic and the Blains
16.  Unintentionally trading two days without hot water for a bottle of champagne
17.  The National Portrait Gallery
18.  The birds at Brighton Pier
19.  Waffles with chocolate and fresh strawberries
20.  Having no schedule or agenda, just going with the flow. 🙂

I loved London SO much and loved it even more because I got to share it with Nichole, my fellow photographer and favorite travel buddy.  We had such an amazing time and I could not have asked for a better trip.  I can honestly say I wouldn’t have changed one single thing about it, quite simply it was AWESOME!  Special thanks go to Adam for our ridiculous puddle-jumping pic.  Stay tuned for pics from Paris coming up next…