It seems appropriate that Nando, Misty and I rode Segways during their whirlwind engagement shoot Seafair Sunday because although we crammed a lot of places into our 5 hours, we had smooth transitions from one activity to the next.  Nice segues if you will.  🙂  Ok, so that was a lot for one little Segway reference.

We started off at their apartment downtown and were immediately off to Gameworks for a little pop-a-shot, cycle racing, and some big game dinosaur hunting.  After tearing Nando away from his tennis winning streak, we headed over to the market for pics at the gum wall, mac’n’cheese at Beechers, and some bubble tea for me. From there we headed down for our Segway tour which met up under the viaduct at a sketchy little place with no signage.  Not sure what I was getting into, Misty assured me we were at the right place and minutes later the current tour was back in a parade of helmeted tourists. 

We had a great time weaving in and out of Seafair ped-traffic on our zippy little Segways.  It’s amazing how far you can get in a relatively short amount of time on those things. We made it to the pier and all the way down to the Sculpture Garden waterfront before heading back, parking our toys and driving over to Seattle’s best view, Kerry Park.

After taking in the view and waving a few flags, we stopped for a few pics at Hula Hula.  Misty and Nando’s favorite bar and the birthplace of their official relationship.  You could say this was where it all started. I just want to say that I am starting to be shocked at the number of my clients who can attribute part of their relationships to karaoke.  Honestly, it’s staggering.

We finished off our marathon afternoon back at Black Bottle for drinks and ox tail, the way any good day should end.  Since our shoot and at the time of this post, Misty and Nando have now already officially tied the knot, but I am super excited to be there in November when they renew their vows.

Congrats you two, I had a blast sharing a beautiful Sunday with you!  See you soon!