Meet Molly and Kyle.  I met these two through my BBF Greg (that’s Best Boyfriend Forever) who works with Kyle at the beautiful Glendale Country Club, a private golf course in Bellevue.  Molly and Kyle are two fabulous people with two fabulous dogs who are getting married in one of the most fabulous places next Fall, the Florida Keys.  And we get to celebrate this gorgeous couple with some of the coolest peeps in this amazing paradise. Not to mention their wedding falls on the same weekend as both mine and Greg’s birthdays. Sometimes being a wedding photographer is suuuuuuuper rough.

What did I say? Fabulous.

Kyle and Molly decided that we’d begin our our day at the Seattle Aquarium and since they’re both huge football fans, like myself, we’d also swing by The Clink for a few stadium-inspired photos wearing their respective jerseys.  I know it’s hard, but try not to judge Molly solely based on her love of the Steelers.  We all have our faults, and she really is extremely lovely.   From there we were off to the Eastside to pick up their pups Harley and Cody for a little lawn frolicking near their place in Issaquah.  We ended our day the best way I know how, meeting up with my BBF at Sip Wine Bar for a few final photos before enjoying some wonderful wine and great food. 

Thanks to Molly and Kyle for indulging in a full day of shooting and putting up with a little more smiling than anyone should have to in a 5 hour period.  Can’t wait for our next Happy Hour!