Let me once again start today’s blog off by saying that I don’t normally post things like this. However, I was so deeply moved by this email -and I mean seriously, heart-flutteringly moved- that I decided I needed to share.

Yesterday I woke up at 3:30am per the norm, stumbled into the bathroom, started the shower and while I waited for the hot water to come, grabbed my iphone to see what crappy overnight spam emails I could delete from my Gmail. To my surprise, nestled amidst Banana Republic sale notifications and One Day Only photo lab deals, I found an email from John. You may remember John and Heather, they were married a couple months back at Hidden Meadows in Snohomish. We took photos on train tracks and danced the night away to John’s amazing music mix. 🙂

Anyway, this is what he wrote:

Hey — I wrote this review for you on Wedding Wire. Feel free to use as you wish anywhere else.. if you want me to leave this review anywhere else, just let me know. I’d be happy to do it. Thanks again for being our photographer. You really did an incredible, incredible job.


I never write reviews on anything. But having had almost two months to reflect on our wonderful wedding, I felt compelled to write a review about Amy, with the hopes that other couples would get a chance to experience her exceedingly rare combination of charm, friendliness, artistic talent, work ethic, and stunning photographs.

We met Amy a couple of times. The first time, over drinks in Belltown,was enough to convince me that she was the photographer for us (we’d probably met with 5-10 other photographers by that point). I’m really picky about photography – Amy’s portfolio immediately conveyed a talent simultaneously comfortable with documenting an event and capturing those moments and details in thoughtful, artistic, and beautiful ways. We immediately decided on her.

First she came out and did our engagement photos. Being the groom-to-be, I wasn’t necessarily comfortable getting photographed. Let me tell you — Amy tromped around with us in Discovery park and the photos she captured are hands down my favorite photographs of us as a couple. I was impressed then by her professional attitude and willingness to go the extra mile (we literally tromped around in the woods).
At the wedding, Amy was amazing. Her and her assistant captured everything about the event. They were professional, detail orientated, hard working, and incredibly proficient. I can honestly say that they made our wedding better. It was a joy to have them at our wedding, sharing our happiness, and the resulting photos have, by far, exceeded my wildest expectations. They are an heirloom. They are a reflection of the joy, details, love, friends, quirkiness, beauty and soul of our wedding.

I hope she’s around for my children’s weddings, and I am heartily recommending her to all of my friends.


Thank you John for completely making my day. Your email was an uplifting start to what was sure to be a drizzly Monday. I love being a wedding photographer for this very reason, the connection. To not only capture the emotion of the day, but to know that I helped to make their day the best that it could possibly be. To be silly and laugh with them and know that these people are not just another couple, but new friends that I’ll know for life. I am not just a vendor. I care about these two, I am invested in them and their families. John and Heather are two wonderful people, and I am so deeply moved to know the impact I had on their most special of days. I cannot truly express how completely touched I am by this gesture of love. I can only say thank you a million times over.

thank you x 1,000,000,000,