I was so excited to share Neely and Emilio’s wedding day.  Neely is one of those friends that you’ve know so long that you can’t even remember how you met.  They had a beautiful wedding at the super fabulous Within Sodo.  It’s such an awesome space, I love how they decided on just a few personal touches like fresh and rustic flower arrangements for the tables (courtesy of the very talented Miki Maxey). Everything was just so simple and effortlessly elegant.  From Neely’s gorgeous rosette-covered gown to the stunning bouquets and fun folded map paper airplanes that adorned the reception tables, it was all just perfect.   However, I do have to say that my very favorite part of their day had to be the pinatas!  I mean, how COOL is having not just one but TWO pinatas at your wedding?!  Amazing.    Big hugs and thanks go out to this super cool couple for sharing their day, their fun, and their cake with me.  You guys threw a great party!

xoxo,  ames

“Our story is a lot like most newlywed’s stories; we met, fell in love, got engaged, planned a wedding, etc…  What we think makes our story unique is the wedding ceremony.  Although the ceremony itself turned out to be even better than we’d originally hoped, what most people don’t know is that the ceremony had only been loosely scripted.  Now, we knew the order of operations, had readings selected, and had written our vows.  But we hadn’t nailed down the specific details of what exactly we’d say during certain critical portions of the ceremony like the lighting of the unity candle or the exchange of rings. Our amazing friend Larry Nicholas was our officiant, and when our mothers had some trouble getting the candles lit he managed to cover for them by breaking into an incredible rendition of “Light My Fire” by the Doors!  Not only that, our groomsmen joined in the chorus as if on cue, even though they had no idea what was happening.  When we got to the ring exchange, we even managed to pull off a mini-huddle to work out what we’d say to each other!  Most of our guests had no idea that so much of our ceremony was ad-libbed, which made the experience that much more wonderful.  We will never forget that day.”

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