On the magical day of November 11th, Cory and Paige had a lovely Lake Union Cafe wedding in Seattle.  You may remember these two from their engagement session earlier this year which we shot in their elementary school classrooms, one of my absolute favorite shoots of the year.  There are few couples in this world that possess the magical spirit of these two.  I can’t imagine the two of them as anything other than teachers, except perhaps a fairy god mother and magical cricket that help you realize your dreams.  Maybe that’s silly, but it’s definitely true.

I LOVE the first-day-of-school details of there wedding, from the acorns, apples and oak leaves to the chalk boards, cute Fall-themed magnets and freshly sharpened colored pencils.  Everything was there to remind you of the excitement of that very first day.  The first day of school was the day when you were able to start fresh and you felt your entire life was ahead of you.  Honestly, what better way to celebrate the beginning of your new life together?

You need only minutes in the presence of Paige and Cory to know the amazing bond these two share and the astounding kindness and spirit they share for each other and for teaching.  Now, while I don’t have small children myself (or large ones for that matter) I happen to be friends with some pretty cool kiddos who’ve had classes with each half of this teaching duo and when the kids and their parents are singing their praises, you know you have something very special.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that if they had action figures, I’d own the whole set.  Even Special Editions Lunch Lady Paige (complete with removable hair net and tub of coleslaw) and Janitor Cory with optional gum scraper package.

I adore you two with all my heart and hope to share many, many more firsts with you both.

Love you to pieces,