OK, so if you all read their previous post you now know how I ended up in Maui with all these beautiful people in the first place.  Now, part two: Wedding Day.  If you thought the story of how I got here needed a diagram, wait until you hear this.

Payton and Chris are that sort of couple who in a Disney movie  you know are going to find each other in the end, there’s just the matter of all that middle part to sort through before it can happen.  Get this, these two amazing people grew up just down the street from each other.  Their moms were only a year apart in high school.  Payton’s brother-in-law’s mom actually babysat Chris when he was a kid.  Random, right?!  Actually, less random I think and more serendipitous.  I know that a lot of couples say this, and it may be true, however in this case the facts are indisputable: these two were truly meant to be together.  This day was written a long time ago.  Now, the beauty (and irritation) of having things written a long time ago is this: they certainly take their time.  Case in point: Payton was friends with Chris’s brother Cory for 15 years and they only met 5 short years ago. Imagine that.  Which brings us to today, to a tropical paradise called Hawaii.

Payton and Chris were married at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in Lahaina, Maui on May 16th.  It was a beautiful sunny day which changed to rain as morning turned into afternoon.  However, by the time their ceremony rolled around the sun was back; it was as if Mother Nature herself simply had to pause for a moment to watch these two tie the knot.  After the ceremony, once everyone was under tented cover, Mrs. Nature was back with the rain, but only for a bit.  As the ocean waves crashed down on the adjacent beach and the rain began to dry up, everyone was treated to a couple of the best wedding speeches I’ve heard in awhile. Payton’s sister Annie and bridesmaid Gretchen channeled Old School for their own hilarious Maid of Honor speech…”I think what my friend is trying to say is…” while Cory spoke of his brother’s personal improvement since he and Payton began dating.  This proclamation included a verbal report card (remember, Cory’s an elementary school teacher)  which included everything from Areas of Growth to Dress Code, complete with Pomp & Circumstance playing in the background and a $10 bill (owed from a 19-year-old cheated bet) rolled up like a diploma.  Absolutely priceless.

There were the traditional first dances, cake cutting and bouquet/garter toss followed by lots of crazy dancing fun, however the thing that really sticks with me is how everyone from both families meshed together so seamlessly.  Rarely do I see everyone dancing with everyone, even when both families get along wonderfully.  Cousins with bridesmaids and moms with groomsmen, sisters and friends with uncles and babies…Chris and Payton’s wedding felt much more like a family reunion than a family union.

Payton and Chris told me there were just so many things they loved about their wedding that it was tough to sum it up.  “We loved the destination wedding because it wasn’t just a wedding day, but a wedding week!  We were able to spend quality time with so many of our friends and family throughout the week (79 people to be exact!) and the day of the wedding was truly the most special day of our lives!  We had an amazing photographer *blush* and our DJ was awesome as well- the music and vibe were great and we had the best time dacing with all of our friends and family.  On the whole we would say that what we loved most about our wedding day was the love and support that we felt from all of our family and friends who traveled far to be there for us on our special day.  It wouldn’t have been the same without everyone who was there!”

A BIG BIG heartfelt thanks to Chris and Payton for having me along for the ride, I cannot not imagine a better trip with more lovely people than yourselves, your friends and family.  Much love to this beautiful couple, I can’t wait to watch their family grow.

xoxo, your friendtographer for life… Amy

What He loves about Her… “Payton has to be one the most caring and thoughtful people I’ve ever met.  I’d have to say that along with her good looks it was her kind heart that attracted me the most. She is always putting her friends and family first, both groups of people I absolutely love.  Payton somehow puts up with my quirky sense of humor which I feel is rubbing off on her.  Her fondness of music, Seattle sports, and good food/wine are all reasons I can’t imagine my life without her.”

What She loves about Him… “Chris constantly makes me laugh! And he truly balances me out – I tend to be a little OCD when it comes to certain things and slowly I’m learning not to sweat the small things (as much)! His commitment to our families and friends is extremely important to me. We really see eye to eye when it comes to values, which makes our relationship so strong and everlasting. Once we got our cats (which I talked him into), I have seen such a nurturing side to him that I really love. And I really love to see how great he is with kids – he has always been so sweet to Carson (our little ring bearer), and now with our 6 month old nephew Kasen. I know without a doubt he will be an amazing dad.”

Maui Destination Wedding

Venue: Ka’anapali Beach Hotel

DJ: Del Sol

Flowers: Asa Ige with Asa’s Flowers

Hair: Ashley Kakugawa

Make up: Susie Bortz