Like many photographers, I offer mini sessions in the Fall.  Because we live in the Pacific Northwest and I only offer a limited number of spots with several sessions in one day, I deem these sessions: “Rain or Shine”.  That means, unless we’ve got a torrential thunder storm on our hands, we may be shooting in less-than-perfect conditions. It is important to understand that this does not mean that your session is automatically ruined.  As a matter of fact, I personally think rainy day sessions are some of the most fun!  You just have to be prepared. Here are the three best ways to prepare yourselves and your families for a session in the rain:

  1. Accessorize. Rain boots (or wellies), umbrellas, rain jackets and scarves will likely be the difference between a crummy session and a great one. You want you and your kiddos to stay dry (at least for the majority of the time) and these foul-weather accessories are a great way to bring fun, style, and personality to your session.
  2. Mentally Prepare. You likely don’t often have your photos taken in the rain, so have fun with it! Coming to your session in a great mood, assuming you’re going to get lots of fun, authentic photos is the best way to ensure a great session. Most kids LOVE to play in puddles- don’t you remember how much fun you had doing this as a kid? Let’s relive that feeling! Plus telling your children that if they smile big at the beginning of the session they get to jump in puddles at the end, is a wonderful bribery tactic. And this leads me to number 3…
  3. Bring a dry set of clothes. Shoes, socks, underwear, etc- This means for everyone! You never know when the moment may strike you to hop in that puddle yourself, so don’t limit yourself by not bringing a change of clothes.

So there you have- get prepared and let’s have some fun!  Now check out more of the soaking-wet fun we had during a couple of rainy day sessions from last year and tell me you don’t want to hop in a puddle… xx, Amy

Rainy Day Session Soper Photography