Lopez Island engagement

Hello my darling blog readers!

I can’t believe it’s June in Seattle and beautiful out! Our typical “June Gloom” seems to have decided to take year off and the weather has been amazing!  Last Wednesday I rolled out of bed at 3am to take full advantage of these gorgeous days and met up with Robyn and Abe (and my favorite Jack Russell, Buck) at o-dark-thirty (no, seriously it was still dark out) for a road trip to Anacortes on our way to quaint little Lopez Island.  Robyn’s family has a cabin on the island and with so many scenic and meaningful spots, it seemed the premier locale for their engagement photos. Let me just say, the San Juan Islands never seem to disappoint.  Water and boats and grassy fields at every turn lent us plenty of natural beauty to capture on our little trip.  I met Robyn and Abe first while shooting Aaron and Emily’s wedding in 2011 and then when photographing Robyn’s sister Emily’s wedding to Ashley in 2013 and now it’s their turn!  And where, you may ask, has this charming couple decided to tie the knot? Jamaica.  That’s right, the stunning city of Negril, Jamaica. I seriously feel like I’ve won the Friendtography Client Lottery with this group.  Honestly THE most loving, fun, silly, compassionate and caring people you ever could ever meet and I get the honor of spending 4 days in a tropical paradise photographing one of the most treasured days of their lives. I have nothing but love for these two and cannot WAIT for the fun to begin in November!!


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Lopez Island Engagement | Robyn + Abe