Sara and Bruce are getting married in 6 short days, so as I mentioned last week, I’m going to keep this brief to allow them a few days of engagement photo gazing before that all goes out the window and they begin waiting patiently for their wedding post. 

These two are absolutely lovely and honestly any couple who wants to meet up at Kell’s Irish Pub for a couple pints to begin an engagement shoot is OK in my book.  🙂  After Kell’s we took a nice stroll through Pike Place and ended up on the waterfront with plenty of sparkling Summer water and a few less than friendly seagulls.  Sara works for Starbucks, so of course we had to stop by at the end of shooting.  Iced tea lemonade in hand (thank you Sara!) we split ways and I winded my way back up through the market and to my car.  I must say, the rest of my couples have their work cut out for them, as I can’t imagine another couple being more charming than these two.  Admittedly, Bruce’s English accent may have something to do with that.  However, the BLT, cold Hoegaarden, and Starbucks was icing on the cake.  🙂 

Thanks again you guys for sharing a wonderful sunny Summer day with me, we may not have too many of those left.  See you next weekend!!!