It’s Throwback Thursday!  Today I want to share with you Stephanie and Sean’s cozy little Seattle wedding at Christ Our Hope Church.  I often hear about couples having small ceremonies or elopements who opt out of hiring a professional photographer because they feel such a small affair doesn’t warrant the need for beautiful photos.  I’m not sure why this is, however I’m here to show you that that is simply not true. Luckily Stephanie and Sean also knew this and I was thrilled to have been asked to document their small, yet very Big Day.

We met up on a drizzly Seattle afternoon in August at the Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park for a few sweet portraits of the couple before moving into their family photos. Less guests did not mean less fun; their friends and family were so incredibly delightful. I don’t think I’ve ever that much fun photographing the “formal” portraits! They even brought props so that they could create holiday-themed photos for their 2015 family calendar. Too cute, right? So, after a bit more silliness, we were off to Christ Our Hope Church for a beautiful Catholic ceremony.  Typically photographing a full Catholic mass can be a bit daunting, but when you only have 12 people, it’s a breeze! After a few more blessings and a loving first kiss, they finished it up with a song. And let me tell you, I now think all wedding ceremonies should end with everyone singing Wouldn’t it Be Nice by the Beach Boys.

I’m so happy that these two chose to have me share in their lovely wedding day and wish more couples understood that little weddings are no less important to document professionally than large weddings, nor do they have to have less personality or style.  Bigger is not always better. This mini wedding was one of my favorites of the year and I wish Sean and Stephanie so much love and happiness in the years to come.  xo, Amy

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