Hi guys!  Happy Thursday! Are you all still in holiday mode like I am? I had to look at the calendar to even know what day it was! Anyhow, I happen to be leaving for Mexico tomorrow morning (for a bit of play and then a bit of work) and since I’m not quite ready for my annual Year In Pictures post, I thought it might be fun to recap some (OK let’s be honest, there’s a ton) of my favorite wedding and engagement rings I’ve photographed over the past three years.  Rings are my very favorite heirlooms to photograph and over the years I’ve seen so many creative, unique, and classic rings in styles for both men and women. Pink and yellow diamonds, matte black titanium and polished wood, engraved with sweet sentiments and inside jokes, even embossed with fish and airplane propellers. From simple gold bands handed down from grandparents to intricately-designed, one of a kind creations, every ring tells a story. Though the exact origin of wearing a wedding ring is unknown, historians believe it began in ancient Egypt where they wore wedding bands on the ring finger of their right hand, believing this finger held a special vein that was directly connected to the heart. The engagement ring is a different story entirely and likely dates back to the Renaissance when women wore rings attached to small keys. OK, let’s save the history lesson for another time, shall we? Fantastic. Now grab yourself a hot beverage and snuggle in for a lot of pretty rings. Enjoy! xx, Amy