It’s Throwback Thursday- the blog edition!  Some of you remember our Malawi wedding from 2009 with the crazy-gorgeous stunners, Eddie and Mwai.  Well, while I posted every day leading up to and including their wedding day, I noticed this week that I never posted photos from their honeymoon (which Nichole and I were lucky enough to tag along to!) I decided that this could not stand!  We had such a great time on this trip and especially at Mulangeni Holiday Resort, their honeymoon destination on Lake Malawi.  So after digging in the annals of my archived wedding hard drives, I bring to you the much delayed, yet completely wonderful post-wedding bliss of this stunning couple, now just about a month past their 5 year wedding anniversary.

In true Malawi blog fashion, I’m going to include my journal entries from these dates…

9/29/09 | the time is anyone guess, but it’s dark.

So. Here we are, Sept 29th. Nichole and I are sitting in our room under bright blue mosquito nets writing in our journals.  Tonight we went and had dinner, yummy chombo and fries) at the little bar here.  After dinner we got out the Malawi vodka and Red Bull we’d brought with us and had several drinks over great conversation.  I attempted to use the public restroom in the common area and found that I had to use my point-and-shoot camera for light.  I think this was probably for the best as I am certain I didn’t really want to see all the creatures sharing that bathroom with me.

9/30/09 | around 8:00am

I got up early to come sit on the beach of Lake Malawi.  There’s no one else here except two fishermen to my right and a huge group of people outside the resort boundaries who look like they are either fishing or pulling a boat to shore… not sure on that one.  The breeze is strong, let’s just call it windy, and the air is fresh and intoxicating.

9/30/09 | 10:20am

Breakfast was fried egg, corn flakes with room temperature milk (that’s how they roll), sausage and potatoes and mango juice.  Oh and of course, tea.  We are headed off this morning, after a bit of lazy sun exposure, to find curios with Eddie and Mwai.  I hope we find something fantastic.

Addendum: Fantastic curios acquired.

9/30/09 | 10:30pm

Today was a nice day.  After running a few errands and buying some wonderful curios, we had Mwai and Eddie’s post-wed photo shoot on the beach right before sunset.  Such a fun time and I think we got some great shots. Afterwards we went back to our rooms and just about 6pm the power went out.  (If you read any of the previous Malawi posts, you know this is nothing new.) So Nichole and I lit a candle in our room and hung out for a few hours before heading to find the rest of our group (Mwai, her mom, and Eddie).  We all sat around a candle at the little bar while Eddie and Mwai taught Nichole and I how to play bao.  Around 8pm the power was back.  For dinner we had grilled chicken and rice with Kuche Kuche (another light, wheaty beer).  After dinner Nichole and I packed up our stuff. We’re out of here tomorrow and off to Lilongwe to begin our long journey home.  This makes me sad, I do hate to leave…



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