Seattle Goodwill engagement

Still trying to catch up on a lot of last year’s awesomeness and in the midst of talking with a few new clients realized that I have been very delinquent with my engagement session postings! I realize that this will never do, so here is one of my favorites that had yet to be blogged from last year.  This session will get you fully excited for their upcoming wedding post (which was also last year!!) Eek!  I love when couples really make their engagement session their own, choosing to go places and do things that they enjoy together, regardless of how “photogenic” their activity may seem.  Sara and Jon’s session is such a perfect example of what happens when you follow my personal Golden Rule for authentic photography: If you’re actually having fun, you don’t have to act like you’re having fun! We started the session at their place with a bit of guitar fun and singing before over settling in for cocktails and cribbage at one of their favorite bars. This was followed up with a silly and delightful trip to Goodwill and a lovely sunset from Ballard. This is a such great reminder that anything and everything can make for awesome photos, as long as you’re having a great time!  Stay tuned for their amazing wedding, coming up on the blog soon!

xoxo, Ames

sarajon_engaged_002sarajon_engaged_003sarajon_engaged_004sarajon_engaged_005sarajon_engaged_006sarajon_engaged_007sarajon_engaged_008sarajon_engaged_009sarajon_engaged_010sarajon_engaged_011sarajon_engaged_012sarajon_engaged_013sarajon_engaged_014sarajon_engaged_015sarajon_engaged_016sarajon_engaged_017sarajon_engaged_018sarajon_engaged_019sarajon_engaged_020sarajon_engaged_021sarajon_engaged_022sarajon_engaged_023Goodwill Engagement Shoot, Seattle