I recently was honored to be asked to photograph a lovely little courthouse wedding in Seattle.  Tim and Dennis have been together 17 wonderful years and have a teenage son; it was finally time to make it official! We met up at their home for a few quick photos before heading down to the King County Courthouse in Seattle.  I love intimate weddings so much, because it’s really all about the love. My very favorite element to the entire morning was that they were able to have the judge who presided over the adoption of their son 14 years prior to marry them.  And who better to marry you than the Honorable Justice Mary Yu?!  Perfection! Their ceremony was sweet and brief, but filled with so much love and lots of smiles. HUGE CONGRATS to Tim, Dennis and their family for tying the knot and sharing such a beautiful day with me- it was an absolute pleasure!!  xoxo, Amy

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Tim + Dennis | Seattle Courthouse Wedding