Oh crap. I seem to have misplaced something…

Now where did I leave my heart this time?  Oh, that’s right, San Francisco.  It’s probably still under our bed at the Hilton along with a balled up pair of my socks.  I’m always doing that. 

Over Labor Day weekend (told you I’m behind) the fabulous Greg James and I flew down to the Fog City to celebrate 8 awesome years together.  San Fran is just not the sort of place you can do in a weekend.  We crammed a lot into our three night stay and still failed to do several things we were looking forward to. 

We walked on the wharf, visited several delicious wineries in Sonoma, ate gelato and fancy cheeses, rode a double-decker bus around the city with two hilariously sarcastic tour guides, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge in horrendous Labor Day traffic, drank mini liquor bottles in our hotel room, took a harbor tour, visited Alcatraz, and hiked several large hills (before realizing perhaps a cab would be a better choice). I also had my very first IN-N-OUT burger and it was everything I thought it would be.  Mmmm…  Oh, and I also have to say that I clearly kick ass at the point&shoot self portrait. 

Of course Guillermo tagged along and hogged most of the photo spotlight…but what else is new?

So here you go,  enjoy a taste of San Fran and a few rare photos of yours truly…