Hello friends!

Many of you know that I’ve been thinking about making the big switch from Canon to Nikon. However, every time I so much as look at a Nikon, I feel like I’m no longer a photographer but some goofy alien who’s never touched a camera in her life. Those of you who’ve shot with both know, they are two completely different animals and you don’t just pick one up after shooting the other your whole and expect to be an expert. So, it was my luck that I was lent a Nikon to play with from a friend who’s a huge Nikon junkie with the hopes that he could convert me. Now, while I have to say there are a lot of things that Nikon has done right, things that far exceed what I was expecting to love, I’m afraid you Nikon lovers out there are going to have to wait for another convert, or at least until I’ve given up on Canon’s new 5D MKIII, which is on it’s way very soon. When I heard it referred to as the digital EOS 3, my favorite camera EVER, I was immediately sold. If it’s half as awesome as I’m hearing it is, you Nikonians may be in for long wait. At any rate I am having fun playing with my new (borrowed) toy. While I would have loved the chance to shoot some engagement or wedding images, I’m lucky enough to have some adorable munchkins milling about the house just waiting for a chance to have their photos taken. Here are some of the trial images I shot with the Nikon D7000 of Fergie and Clyde thoroughly enjoying some beautiful roses we got from Costco last weekend. Nikon, you have skooshed yourself into my heart, but I’m afraid I’m still in love with Canon. We can still be friends though, right?


xoxo, a


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