Yes yes, I know it’s been forever since my last post.  Therefore my next three posts will (hopefully) come quickly and without much ado from yours truly.  Lots to post, so let’s get to it…

Josh and Wendy are goofballs.  Seriously.  I know a lot of goofy people but these two might officially be the royal couple of dorkery.  It is absolutely impossible not to have a smile on your face when you’re around these guys and I’m pretty sure Wendy has the best, most infectious laugh I’ve ever heard.  Instantly they remind you of that time back in elementary school when you used to hit the girls you liked and made fun of the boys you had crushes on.  There is simply no doubt how much these two adore each other.  Now I know what my couples feel like at the end of these shoots, with all that smiling my cheeks actually hurt a little on the drive home!  Ridiculous.  So what better place to take a super fun couple than a slightly dingy (but oh-so-friendly!) laundromat.    Afterwhich we popped over to Greenlake to enjoy about 20 minutes of nice weather and to toss the ball around.  While Wendy and Josh are both huge Seahawks fans, they have slightly different options about college ball…  and that’s how our friendly game of catch became true tackle football.  
I had a blast with you two and can’t wait for the wedding next year.  We must make time for more laundry soon!!  Or at least a beer.  Are there laundromats that serve beer?  There should be.