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Late February it was my complete joy to photograph Josh and Wendy’s fantastically charming Mukilteo wedding at the Rosehill Community Center.  Simply stated, I adore these two.   My love affair with these two began with their Laundromat engagement session last Fall and has wiggled it’s way deep into my smooshy heart every step of the way ever since.  Their ability to be so close and adoring to each other by way of wit and sarcasm is second to none and has ingrained these two into some of my favorite memories. Their love and relationship is unlike any other I’ve witnessed and it’s absolutely incredible.  Thanks to Wendy, Josh, their families, and friends for enveloping me into their most fantastic of days.  Much love to you all.  xoxo,  ames

“I absolutely Love how outgoing she is and her willingness to get her hands dirty when need be.  She is compassionate to others and will always go out of her way to lend someone her help.  She is funny and spontaneous and I know that I will always have my best friend by my side. (Wendy will be on my other side) *insert smiley face here*.” -Josh

“I love Josh more than words can describe mostly because he is so honest and true with himself and those around him.  He is compassionate, generous, competitive, and loving.  Josh finds happiness with the simple things in life and is a true friend.” – Wendy