at Homeward Pet Animal Shelter

W E  A L L   K N O W   L I F E   I S N ‘ T   A L W A Y S   R A I N B O W S   &  K I T T E N S   &  W I N E ,

B U T   S O M E T I M E S   T H A T ‘ S   E X A C T L Y   W H A T   I T   I S . 

Good morning and happy Saturday to you all!!

Last week I got to do one of those things that reminds me how fortunate I am to do what I love for a living; I volunteered at Homeward Pet Animal Shelter, the very same shelter where we adopted our kiddos 12+ years ago, to photograph Kitten Yoga.  Yep. KITTEN FREAKING YOGA!  And it’s exactly as wonderful as it sounds: Twenty people all joyfully enjoying child’s pose while 8 week old kittens climb on their backs, lick toes, and snuggle into laps. Then, if that wasn’t already enough awesome, at the end you get to enjoy a glass of vino. You’d think that there’s no way you could actually get any true yoga accomplished with all the cuteness, but I assure you, plenty of zen was found. However, if for some crazy reason kittens aren’t your thing, wait until next week when I join them again for puppy yoga! I imagine less zen, more pupper kisses.  😉

Homeward Pet is a fantastic animal shelter here in Woodinville and if you’d considering adopting a new best friend, I can think of no place better to start. And, if you happen to be free next Saturday and want to get all dolled up for a great cause, tickets are still available for their super fun Annual Furball Auction!  It’s a super fun event and a great opportunity to bid on some fantastic auction items, have a fun night out, and help out a wonderful local organization.

xx, Amy


Kitten Yoga is fun