OK, so it’s no secret that 2016 hasn’t been the best year.  It’s definitely near the bottom of my list of all time favorite years in fact. Except maybe 7th grade, that’s definitely right down there.  However, while yes, this year has generally been a tougher one for many of us, I’m here to remind you that there were also lots and lots of shining moments of laughter, joy and love. So. Much. Love.

This year I was blessed to photograph 29 real weddings, one fantastic wedding show, 15 events, the beauty of 2 different countries with 6 great friends, 9 head shots, 2 issues of CityDog Magazine and 30 different happy families. I was also honored to capture two families becoming “official” on National Adoption Day. I traveled around Ireland and Scotland shooting and eating and drinking and laughing with the coolest and most creative people I know. I photographed lots and lots of cats and dogs and hope to do even more of that in the coming year.

I love creating this slideshow at the end of the year because it is a great reminder to me (and hopefully a lot of you) that happiness is indeed all around us. These photos solidify my belief that what I do matters and that I’m extremely fortunate to do what I love for a living. I find it very hard not to smile back when when you see another smiling face, so I truly hope this slideshow brings lots of grins and a bit of happiness to your day.  There are far too many people to thank for all I am appreciative this year so I’ll just end by saying this…

Thank you to all of my clients and friends and loved ones, from the bottom of my heart, you are what makes my life so incredibly blessed and special. I could not do any of this without your support and your love. I am so grateful for the new friends I’ve made and for all the old friends who stick by me every year. 2016 was a peculiar year and as a society we lost some really amazing people, but so many new unions were also formed. Sons and daughters were born, animals in need found new homes, babies were adopted into loving families and so many wonderful humans found their better halves.  The future is uncertain, but the fact remains: love is indeed all around. xx, Ames

Quick side note: There’s music so if you’re at work, be cool. And if you’re able, please select 720p once the video begins for best picture quality.